Electrocoating Systems

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Did you know that George Koch Sons designed and installed the first industrial Electrocoat System in North America?

Since electrocoat’s earliest development, KOCH has worked with customers around the world to implement more than 300 high performance systems in a wide range of industries. Our highly experienced team of professionals provide full-service, turnkey system support with expertise in all process stages from pretreatment through final cure.

We have extensive experience in all major electrocoating techniques, such as continuous conveyorized systems, indexing systems, and bulk coating systems, where parts can be randomly packed. Our sales professionals will help you determine if your process is a good fit for e-coat, and, if so, the best application for you.

We are founding members of The Electrocoat Association and proud to have employed three recipients of the prestigious Brewer Award for excellence and innovation in electrocoating technology.


Electrocoating is an environmentally friendly coating process that uses electrical current to bond paint to metal products. Electrocoat finishing has very high transfer efficiency, uniform film build, and excellent corrosion resistance.

The parts pass through a pretreatment process, then the cleaned parts enter a temperature-controlled grounded steel tank, which is lined with chemically-resistant dielectric material.  After a 90 to 120 second dwell in the water based electrocoat paint solution with a DC electrical charge applied, parts are conveyed through a series of counterflowing permeate rinse stages to remove undeposited paint.   The parts are then conveyed to an oven to cure the electrocoat paint coating prior to unload.

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