Anodizing Systems

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PriceWalgren, a division of George Koch Sons, is the world leader in the design and assembly of anodizing equipment for precision applications.

PriceWalgren anodizing equipment is used for these processes:

  • Type I: Chromic Acid
  • Type II: Sulfuric Acid (SAA)
  • Type III: Hard Coat (HCA)
  • Phosphoric Acid (PAA)
  • Thin Film Sulfuric Acid (TFSAA)
  • Titanium Anodizing
  • Sealing
  • Bright Dip
  • Dye
  • Conversion Coat / Alodine

The anodizing processes use controlled electrolytic oxidation to develop a tenacious aluminum oxide coating on the surface of an aluminum sheet or component. Anodizing becomes integral to the substrate - it forms by a protective layer “growing down” into the metal.

Anodizing substantially increases resistance to corrosion, scratching and wear, provides insulation, maintains high reflectivity, and enhances appearance.

Anodizing can be used alone and can achieve a variety of color and texture effects through dyeing, electrocolor or interference color.

Click HERE to watch a short video on the operation of the anodize system built by PriceWalgren (formerly Walgren Company) for Jordan Extrusions.

Military & Aerospace Anodizing

PriceWalgren anodizing systems are preferred throughout the mission-critical aerospace and defense sector.  We are proud to have among our customers leading aerospace manufacturers, including Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin, as well as their tier 1 suppliers, including General Electric, Goodrich, Asco, Howmet and BE Aerospace.  We are also the preferred supplier for military installations (Wright Patterson AFB, Tinker AFB, Robins AFB, Rock Island Arsenal, and Albany Army Ammunitions Plant).

Our hard coat and other anodize processes impart superior wear resistance and exceptional dielectric properties; they also produce a non-conductive surface with homogeneous porosity.

Architectural Anodizing

Anodizing is an electrochemical conversion process that converts the aluminum surface into a hard, durable layer of aluminum oxide, greatly enhancing its resistance to oxidation and corrosion and creating the perfect receptor for dyes, primer, and adhesives.

Market leading companies choose the anodizing process for its versatility, environmental advantages and ability to produce finishes that are both distinctive and functional.  They choose to work with us because our anodizing equipment has an unrivaled track record for reliability and performance, and our management and technical team is the most experienced in the world in the highly specialized field of architectural anodizing. 

We engineer and build architectural anodizing systems for continuous run and batch processing.  Our systems are widely used for aluminum-framed entrances, windows, exterior decorative elements, skylights, and lighting.  Each process line is custom-engineered to the specific needs and production environment of the customer, but most lines begin with an alkaline clean, and acid or alkaline etch, deoxidizing and desmutting, followed by type II anodize and 2-step electrolytic color.

Automotive Anodize and Chromate

Anodizing is an electrochemical conversion process that creates on the aluminum surface a hard, durable layer of aluminum oxide, enhancing its resistance to oxidation and corrosion and creating the ideal receptor for electrocolor, or adhesives.

Anodizing is favored by automakers because it is exceptionally durable, is unaffected by UV rays, will not chip, and offers exceptional color versatility, from black to bright dip to two-step coloring.  Anodizing with our technology is also highly repeatable, and ideal for large scale manufacturing.

We engineer and build automotive anodizing systems for both continuous run and batch processing.  Systems are widely used for "greenhouse trim" as well as sunroofs, roof racks, bumpers, brakes, housings and power train components.

Medical Finishing: Anodizing, Titanium Anodize, Stainless Steel Passivation, Cleaning and Electropolish

* Device Components * Instruments * Implants *

Our finishing systems for aluminum, stainless steel and titanium are a leading choice among manufacturers of medical and dental products.

THE REASON: Our longstanding reputation for high reliability, and the equipment's ability - inherent in all of our systems - to adapt to changes in throughput, product mix, or chemistry.

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PriceWalgren is an active Member of the Aluminum Extruders Council.