Attractive Appearance

  • Unique roll-formed vertical edges result in attractive, “No-Dimple” seams.



Energy Efficient Thermal Break

  • Unique side-channel “ISO Slot” design ensures lowest heat transfer and maximum energy efficiency.


Superior Finishand Corrosion Resistance

  • Interior and exterior face is heavy, 20-gauge Type 1-40-CT aluminized steel.
  • 40-coating weight contains 60% greater coating mil thickness than panels featuring 25-coating weight.
  • Chemical surface treatment “CT” retards the formation of white rust and oxidation.


Precision Designed and Fabricated

  • Roll-formed side and end channels feature unique “Tab-in-Slot” connection resulting in a unitized precision square box frame.
  • Exterior and interior rolled-formed shells are mechanically fastened to longitudinal tongue-in-groove channels and spot welded to box-end closures on minimum 6″ inch centers.
  • Panels are completely filled with insulating material, preventing voids and settling within the panel assembly.


Quick, Lowest Cost Installation

  • Wide 33″ panels result in fewer components to assemble than narrow panels.
  • Packaged and skidded in “bundles” for easy, efficient overhead hoist or side forklift offloading.
  • Panel “bundles” are protected with cardboard to eliminate scratches.
  • Large projects are delivered on open top trucks for easy overhead crane or over the side forklift efficient offloading.


Superior Service

  • AutoCAD approval prints, submittals and final assembly drawings available from our unmatched engineering, technical expertise and project management support.


Industry Leader

  • Koch Modular Thermal Panel System is the leading choice among OEMs and contractors.
  • 75 years of oven innovation and expertise.