KOCH Insulated Enclosure Specification

Insulated Panels shall be KOCH 4” thick tongue-in-groove roll-formed modular panels as manufactured by George Koch Sons, LLC, 10 South Eleventh Ave., Evansville, IN 47744, 888-USE-KOCH (873-5624), Fax: 812/465-9814.

Panels shall feature 20-gauge interior and exterior aluminized steel. All perimeter and longitudinal steel channel shall be 18-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel. All aluminized steel shall be type 1 with a minimum T1-40 coating class as determined by ASTM A-463 and contain a chemical surface treatment to protect finish. All galvanized steel shall be a minimum G-90 coating class as determined by ASTM A525 and shall meet all requirements of ASTM A526 for a commercial-quality galvanized carbon steel.

Longitudinal side and box-end galvanized steel tongue-in-groove channels shall be thermal-break perforated, roll-formed and mechanically fastened together at each corner. Interior and exterior roll-formed aluminized steel shells shall be spot welded to box-end galvanized steel closures on minimum 6″ centers in such a manner to withstand adverse vibration encountered in shipping, assembly, and operation in a rugged industrial environment. Roll-formed tongue-in-groove vertical joints shall feature 12 layers of sheet metal at each longitudinal friction fit joint providing structural integrity and a tight thermal seal without longitudinal fasteners. Independent panel connectors or “H” joiners are not permissible.

Each panel shall be completely filled with insulating material that is noncombustible, inert, mildew resistant, and vermin proof. Insulation shall not settle within the panel assembly. No insulating material shall be used that has a flame spread rating greater than 15 or a smoke developed rating greater than 0 as determined by ASTM Standard E84 Class I (A).

Insulated panel system floor channel, outside roof flashing, and inside roof flashing members shall be provided in manufactures standard lengths constructed of 18-gauge aluminized steel. Manufacturer shall provide sufficient 1/4-20 self-drilling hex head flashing zinc-plated fasteners.

Single- and double-leaf insulated personnel doors where shown shall be 4″ thick constructed of minimum 20-gauge aluminized steel interior and exterior skins and a 12-gauge aluminized steel frame. Standard hardware includes three (3) heavy-duty hinges, 4″ pull handles, explosion relief latches and adjustable stainless steel wire reinforced fiberglass jamb gasketing.

Engineering assembly drawings shall be provided by insulated enclosure manufacturer using AutoCAD. The enclosure shall be installed by contractor in accordance with manufacturer’s final assembly drawings and standard installation instructions. The insulated enclosure system manufacturer shall provide the services of a factory installation supervisor at per diem rates.

All panels and accessories shall be packaged and shipped in such a manner to prevent damage during shipment. Panels shall be packaged in groups suitable for easy overhead crane or overside forklift off loading. Panels and accessories may not be shipped “loose” to minimize field installation time.

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