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KOCH Modular Thermal Panel System

KOCH is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated, modular thermal panels and enclosures. Modular thermal panels were developed by KOCH in the 1930’s for our thriving worldwide turnkey paint finishing system business. Today, KOCH Panel Products are the leading choice among OEMs and mechanical contractors and now represent a large percentage of our production.

The Koch Prefabricated Modular Thermal Panel System is an energy efficient, insulated structural panel system for the construction of industrial ovens and thermal enclosures. Through years of experience, product development and manufacturing enhancements, Koch continues to lead the industry. Koch panels are fabricated without exposed dimple fasteners at the vertical seams. KOCH thermal panels feature the most efficient “ISO Slot” thermal break seam and the precision “Tab-In-Slot” roll-formed frame. KOCH’s unique roll-forming coil processes enable fabrication of panels up to 22 feet, saving installation time and costs. Finishes include aluminized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, galvannealed steel, and factory baked-on powder coatings.

Through decades of experience and product development, the KOCH Modular Thermal Panel System exceeds customer expectations in nearly all selection criteria including price, delivery, appearance, thermal efficiency, finish, precision, structural integrity, lowest-cost installation, customer service, and engineering support!

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