KOCH ovens are built for years of reliable performance!

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Loading doors have heavy-duty hinges and, like roof panels, are corrosion-resistant and non-absorbent.

Ovens are available for use with various fuel sources, including gas, oil, electric and steam.  They are wired and tested before shipping, are covered by a 2-year warranty on our work, along with warranties offered by our vendors.

KOCH ovens reach temperatures up to 750ºF and meet all guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association Standard 86, Factory Mutual and OSHA.

KOCH Oven Features

  • High temperature limit and airflow switches
  • Belt and drive guards
  • Pressure-release door latches
  • Optional powered exhausts with purge timers
  • 18-gauge, aluminized steel walls with at least 4″ of insulation

Oven air flow is designed to meet specific process needs.  A plug fan recirculates air at a rapid rate for greater temperature uniformity.  Adjustable louvers balance the air flow for even heat distribution.  Control panels can be wall-mounted or remotely located and contain all electrical safety and control equipment.