We understand that the success of your project is directly related to our ability to oversee it.  KOCH has Project Managers whose primary focus is to oversee YOUR project.  Each Project Manager supervises the actions of 4 to 6 members of a project team.  Project communication, scheduling, cost control and quality content are the major responsibilities of KOCH Project Managers.


Our KochSmart® Control Systems provide precise control of e-coat, liquid, powder and flatline finishing systems.  They feature user-friendly, color touch-screen terminals with PLC’s to automate, monitor, and control finishing and auxiliary processes.  They can handle everything from simple systems to the most sophisticated, dramatically improving process control, system reliability, functionality and safety.


KOCH designs, installs and provides comprehensive after-sale support for material handling systems around the world, including: monorail, power and free, programmable hoist, Deburgh™, Pacer™, chain-on-edge and conventional flatline systems.


Our single- and dual-tunnel FRP and metal pre-treatment systems provide spray and immersion de-greasing and metal conditioning.  They can be designed to accommodate over-sized parts, fit into limited floor space and be operated in-line or manually.  Our FRP systems are highly resistant to chemical and mechanical damage, compatible with all solutions used for metal treatment, and easy to install and maintain.


We design ovens to preheat, cure and dry to exact material, production and quality requirements.  Our ovens include high-velocity/IR and black wall radiant systems.  This includes overhead, side- or floor-mounted ductwork, along with air filtration, heat recovery and exchange, and control systems.  All are designed to provide uniform part temperatures and consistent temperature cures.


For powder coating systems, environmental rooms are installed in order to provide the required climate control for powder coating application, and allow better air distribution and humidity control.  KOCH environmental rooms can be integrated into your new or existing powder coating system.