CCAI MembershipAs in e-coat and powder, we were among the pioneers in liquid coating systems, and we still work with customers around the world who first came to us in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Liquid coating has undergone tremendous change and refinement since then. George Koch Sons has contributed to that change and refinement, and we now use liquid coating alone or in combination with electrocoating and powder coating, in a wide range of applications, to help our customers meet stringent quality, cost, operating, and emission requirements.

Liquid coating is the oldest and, for many products, still the best available finishing technology. It has been replaced by e-coat and powder for some products, principally because it can pose more environmental challenges. However, a combination of new environmentally – friendly coating formulations and the development of whole new classes of complex and/or heat-sensitive products has led to continued refinement and use of liquid coating technology.

Liquid coating is widely used for automotive and other products requiring a smooth, mirror-like finish. It is widely used in finishing operations that require fast, frequent color changes. It is also widely used for application of UV-curable, waterborne, and plural component coating materials on plastics and wood. It is often the most practical choice for heat-sensitive parts, including some plastics and many parts produced by and for the electronics industry.

KOCH Liquid Paint Finishing SystemLiquid coating is also often the most practical choice for complex parts whose size and geometry make e-coat or powder coating and curing prohibitively expensive. Our high-efficiency down-draft water wash and side/down-draft paint system booths provide clean, quiet working environments. They are automotive approved, capture 99.9% of all particulates, and can be installed at floor level. Our patented recirculating air systems minimize exhaust air volume and monitor the air stream to ensure safe operating conditions. Side-draft paint spray booths can be totally enclosed with the addition of a supply plenum.

We have repeatedly advanced and refined liquid coating technology to enhance coating performance, respond to environmental issues, and meet the needs of our customers for high uptime performance and low life cycle costs. Today, our systems are used alone or in combination with e-coat and powder to meet stringent quality, cost, operating, and emission requirements.

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