With over 50 years experience in engineering material handling systems, Koch has the expertise to take the designed system and dig into, analyze,and work out all of the minute details. This process begins with an AutoCAD drawing, which is used to analyze every aspect of the system. This analysis includes ware studies, the load and unload areas, each of the horizontal and vertical turns, and all of the associated equipment. Power & Free conveyors will be analyzed for proper dog spacing, proper transfer of product from chain to chain, proper location of limit switches, and all items necessary to meet the design production requirements. After this evaluation is complete, a computer analysis is made utilizing a point to point chain pull analysis to accurately determine the loading on the system, which dictates the location of all of the critical components of the system.

The KochSmart® Control System will be tailored to meet your individual needs. Our staff of controls engineers will work closely with your staff to design the equipment to match the requirements of the system. At the end of the project, all processes can be remotely monitored in order to aid in trouble shooting any problems that may arise, and quickly make required changes.

In addition to our engineering capabilities, Koch has the project management expertise to fully manage and control all aspects of your project. This includes initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and close-out. Our project manager will handle all contracts, project scheduling, risk management, and integration of all purchased equipment. We will meet with you at the beginning of the project and be fully involved through the closeout and final acceptance.