A properly designed material handling system is critical for the efficient transport of your product between or through any process.  Properly designed and implemented systems will save thousands of man hours and millions of  dollars each year. Koch’s highly experienced personnel are the cornerstone to providing the most efficient  and space saving system design.

There are many different methods  of conveying a product, including  Overhead and Inverted Systems,  3”, 4”, or 6” Monorail and Power &  Free , Dual-Strand Conveyors,  Dragline, Powered Roller Conveyors, Slat Lines, Towlines, DeBurgh™, Belt Conveyors, Automatic  Guided Vehicles (AGV), and Automated Electrified Monorails (AEM).

In order to choose the best system, Koch’s experienced staff of  engineers will spend time with  your engineering and manufacturing personnel, to accurately understand your product to be conveyed  and system requirements. Our engineers then take this information  back to our office to begin system  evaluation, equipment layout, and  pricing.

Whether you are in the initial stages of capital funding requests, in the middle of working out a system to meet the production needs of your company, or in the final  stages of closing the best valued deal, let Koch be a partner in the solution to your material handling needs.