• _MG_1981Koch Personnel Enclosures, Control Pulpits and In-Plant Offices are a cost effective alternative to controlling noise at the source. The units are designed for extreme environments, providing noise, vibration, thermal, dust, and humidity isolation. Typical applications include paper mills, steel mills, printing plants, power plants, metalworking plants, foundry’s, mines, and all manufacturing operations with unique isolation and security requirements.

    The units are offered in seven standard sizes and shipped pre-assembled or knocked down. Constructed of Koch’s unique pre-fabricated modular acoustical panels and accessories, custom layouts are easily configured and most common.

    Koch units feature all steel non-combustible construction with a baked on powder coat finish. Applications that require high sound reduction, sound absorption, acoustical windows, acoustical doors and acoustical roofs are our specialty.

    Through decades of experience and product development, Koch Personnel Enclosures exceed customer expectations in all aspects including sound attenuation, sound absorption, appearance, cleanability, abuse resistance, cost, and ease of installation.

    Uses and Applications

    • Conference room
    • Control pulpit
    • Coordinate measurement machine room
    • Guard booth
    • In-plant office
    • Inspection room
    • Lunch room
    • Motor control room
    • Music practice room
    • Operator enclosure
    • QC test room
    • Test room
    • Training room
    • In-plant office

    Koch Personnel Enclosure Advantages

    Modular Construction

    • Pre-engineered Koch acoustical panel system includes doors, windows, and sound attenuated ventilation systems
    • Standard components easily configured tolayouts
    • Quick, lowest cost construction
    • Simple to assemble, disassemble and re-configure
    • Features fewer components due to tongue-and-groove interlocking seams which eliminates separate “H” joiners

    Superior Finish and Corrosion Resistance

    • High-scuff, abrasion- and weather-resistant baked on polyester powder coat finish is available in any color
    • Perforated sheets are coated on both sides to ensure precise coverage
    • Powder coat finish is protected during shipment and assembly with PVC wrap
    • All material is hot dipped galvanized and galvannealed steel

    Superior Service

    • AutoCAD approval prints, submittals and final assembly drawings are furnished with every project
    • Provides unmatched engineering technical expertise and project management support

    Superior Performance

    • Sound reduction and absorption coefficient values are provided by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, the best independent source of valid acoustical data

    Material Specifications:

    Panel Back 16-gauge galvannealed steel
    Panel Front 22-gauge galvannealed steel perforated 3/32” diameter round holes on 3/16” staggered centers
    Panel Frame 18-gauge galvanized steel
    Acoustical Core 4 lb./cu.ft. density mineral wool that is noncombustible, inert, mildew resistant, non-settling and features a flame spread of 15 and smoke developed rating of 0, per ASTM Standard E84
    Encapsulation Moisture Barrier Acoustical core wrapped with 2-mil fire retardant polyethylene moisture barrier. Mesh is provided between the wrapped insulation and perforated metal to optimize acoustical absorption.
    Panel Thickness 3″, 4″, or 6″
    Length 16′-0″ standard maximum when factory powder coat finished
    Panel Joint Interlocking tongue and groove
    Acoustical Performance STC 38 through STC 50
    NRC 0.95 through NRC 1.00
    Paint Finish High scuff and abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant polyester powder coat paint finish resistant to cracking, peeling and marring. Protective PVC plastic is provided over our high scuff and abrasion resistant powder coat finish to eliminate shipping and field assembly scratches.  The film is designed to be removed after the enclosure if fully assembled.
    Colors 188 Standard RAL Powder Coat Finish Colors
    Corner Panels Shop formed corner panels in lieu of field flashed corners for ease of assembly, best appearance, and acoustical integrity
    Doors Single and double leaf swing or sliding doors
    Accessories Conveyor opening sound attenuation tunnels, curtains and doors.  Acoustical windows, removable panels, sound attenuated ventilation systems, air conditioning, lighting, switches, receptacles, instrumentation penetrations.
    Engineering AutoCAD engineering approval and final assembly prints provided.  Installation instructions and AutoCAD assembly prints are e-mailed prior to shipment.


  • AC 66×66

    AC 198×99

    AC 198×66

    AC 165×132

    AC 165×99

    AC 165×66

    AC 132×132

    AC 132×66

    AC 132×99

    AC 99×99

    AC 99×66

  • Personnel Enclosures - Logan Aluminum - 01Personnel Enclosures - Logan Aluminum - 02Personnel Enclosures - Logan Aluminum - 03Personnel Enclosures - Logan Aluminum - 04Personnel Enclosures - National Steel - 01Personnel Enclosures - National Steel - 02

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