• IMG_4451The Koch Acoustical Noise Barrier System is a lightweight, sound-absorptive modular panel system that is placed between the noise source and receiver. The barrier system is installed outdoors on the ground or on the roof in a vertical or horizontal configuration to create highly effective environmental noise reduction solutions. In addition to engineering support, we supply everything you need from support steel, doors, openings, flashing, fasteners, transportation, to noise barrier assembly.

    Koch’s unique roll-forming coil processes enable fabrication of noise barrier panels up to 22 feet, saving installation time and costs. Construction materials consist of corrosion-resistant galvannealed and galvanized steel and non-adsorbent, non- combustible mineral wool for outdoor exposure. Our baked on high scuff and abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant powder coat paint finish is resistant to fading, cracking, peeling and marring.

    Through decades of experience and product development, the Koch Acoustical Noise Barrier System often exceeds customer expectations in most selection criteria including sound attenuation, appearance, cleanability, abuse resistance, stability, cost, and ease of installation.

    Uses and Applications for Noise Issues

    • Rooftop HVAC Equipment Noise
    • Power Generation Noise
    • Utility Transformer Noise
    • Gas Compression Station Noise
    • Engine Generator Noise
    • Outdoor Amphitheater Noise
    • Waste Water Treatment Noise
    • Manufacturing Facilities Noise
    • Salvage Yard Noise
    • Transportation:  Highway, Airport and Rail Noise
    • Industrial Exhaust Fan and Stack Noise
    • Loading Dock Noise

    Koch Acoustical Noise Barrier System Advantages

    • Features tongue and groove interlocking modular panels

    Finest Appearance

    • Koch’s 33” wide acoustical panels complement commercial architectural insulated panel systems

    Superior Finish and Corrosion Resistance

    • High-scuff, abrasion- and weather-resistant baked on polyester powder coat finish is available in any color
    • Perforated sheets are coated on both sides to ensure precise coverage
    • Powder coat finish is protected during shipment and assembly with PVC wrap
    • All material is hot dipped galvanized and galvannealed steel
    • Panels are self-draining and acoustical fill is non-adsorbent

    Quick, Lowest-Cost Noise Barrier Installation

    • Features fewer components due to tongue-and-groove interlocking seams which eliminates separate “H” joiners
    • Large, 33″ x up to 20”-0″ long noise barrier panels are produced as a result of unique roll-forming processes
    • Truckload projects are packaged in lift-sized groups on open-top trucks for easy overhead crane or over-the-side forklift

    Superior Service

    • AutoCAD approval prints, submittals and final assembly drawings are furnished with every project
    • Provides unmatched engineering technical expertise and project management support

    Superior Performance

    • Noise reduction and absorption coefficient values are provided by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, the best independent source of valid acoustical data

    Material Specifications:

    Panel Exterior 16-gauge galvannealed steel
    Panel Interior 22-gauge galvannealed steel perforated 3/32” diameter round holes on 3/16” staggered centers
    Panel Frame 18-gauge galvanized steel
    Acoustical Core 4 lb./cu.ft. density mineral wool that is noncombustible, inert, mildew resistant, non-settling and features a flame spread of 15 and smoke developed rating of 0, per ASTM Standard E84
    Panel Joint Interlocking tongue and groove
    Panel Thickness 2″, 4″ or 6″
    Length 16′-0″ standard maximum when factory powder coat finished
    22′-0″ standard maximum when not factory finished
    Colors 188 Standard RAL Colors
    Accessories Flashing, doors, windows, fasteners, support steel, AutoCAD drawings
    Engineering AutoCAD engineering approval and final assembly prints provided.  Installation instructions and AutoCAD assembly prints are emailed prior to shipment.
    Options Other gauges of steel, custom widths, custom color matches and finishes.


    Acoustical Performance

    4″ Thick Panel  Rate
    Frequency (Hz)
    125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
    Transmission Loss STC = 42
    Absorption Coefficient NRC = 1.00

    *All tests conducted by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories™ (RAL), an Alion Technical Center.  RAL has been accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) through the National Voluntary Accreditation Program (NVLAP) for selected acoustical testing services conducted in accordance with established standards.


  • AC-11 Corner Options

    AC-14 Load Span Table







    Z-01 Panel Joint

    AA-02 Panel Joint

    AA-05 Standard Panel

    AB-01 Cap Channel

    AB-02 Bottom Channel Detail

    AB-03-J Channel

    AB-06 Corner Flashing

    AB-09 Corner Attachment

    AB-09 Corner Detail

    AB-10 Roof Elevation Multiple Panel

    AB-10-A Roof Elevation Single Panel

    AB-12 Ground Elevation

    AB-16 Roof Elevation ISO

    AB-24 Horizontal Layout

    AC-07 Acoustic Panel

  • Acoustical Noise BarrierAcoustical Noise BarrierAcoustical Noise BarrierAcoustical Noise Barrier - Solar FarmAcoustical Noise Barrier - Solar FarmAcoustical Noise Barrier Acoustical Noise Barrier

    Acoustical Noise Barrier

    Acoustical Noise Barrier

    Chiller Barrier Discharge SilencersAcoustical Noise Barrier - ChillerAcoustical Noise Barrier - Bio LabAcoustical Noise BarrierAcoustical Noise BarrierAcoustical Noise BarrierAcoustical Noise BarrierAcoustical Noise Barrier - HospitalTypical Roof Top HVAC BarrierAcoustical Noise BarrierAcoustical Noise Barrier


















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