KOCH proudly operates the most extensive laboratory in the finishing industry. Our customer lab provides our salesman and engineers with accurate data on hanging, dry-off, bring up, and cool down of parts. This allows GKS to confidently custom design a finishing system to meet the specific needs of a customer. Through the use of our lab technology, we can accurately generate temperature profiles for heating and cooling of parts, apply paint and produce fully cured parts as samples, and much more.

Our lab provides curtain coater customers and coating manufacturers with the ability to test run coating on different substrate with our lab curtain coater. In addition, the lab provides KOCH the opportunity to research and develop new designs and technologies.

Our lab equipment includes:_MG_1440

  • Fiberglass Washer
  • Spray Booth
  • 3 Zone Convection/IR Oven
  • Cooling Tunnel
  • Overhead Monorail Conveyor
  • Batch Oven
  • Flatline Oven
  • Curtain Coater
  • UV Oven
  • OSB Testing Dryer
  • KochSmart® Control System