George Koch Sons provides innovative turnkey solutions worldwide for Automated Finishing Systems, Environmental, Acoustical, and Thermal applications.

In all areas of expertise, KOCH’s highly experienced staff solves clients’ challenges by providing the right long-term solutions, resulting in the best product outcomes and efficiencies.

Let a KOCH professional work with you to IDENTIFY your expectations, DESIGN a solution, DELIVER results and provide long-term SUPPORT.

Exciting News at George Koch Sons!

PriceWalgren logo - ADVERTISING - Version 1Price-Koch Industries and Walgren Company have nearly 100 years combined experience providing turnkey anodizing and plating systems and have joined the KOCH Team as PRICEWalgren, a division of George Koch Sons.  With the addition of PriceWalgren, KOCH provides a complete range of automated surface finishing systems, including Electrocoat, Powder, Liquid, Anodizing and Plating Systems on all major substrates.

For more information about PRICEWalgren, please visit their websites at and


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